Watercolor Daydream


Christopher Kane and Louise Goldin

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These two collections pretty much sum up everything I’ve been liking for a while now. They are similar in colors: pastel blues and pinks, and lovely shades of lemon; but different as well. I am almost confused as to why I like these collections so much!

I absolutely love the use of gingham. It is a mix of feminine, childishness, almost a little froufrou, and that bit of toughness that is always evident in Christopher Kane’s shows. The blue gingham dress reminds me of a tough, modern day Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz; and I especially loved the lacy flower overlays in the end. Some of the looks could do without the slits in the front, but I think overall it works fairly well.

And then there’s Louise Goldin. It’s like whimsy meets scifi Madonna in pastel. The poofy shorts remind me of Alice in Wonderland, while the twists in fabric take me to some pretty alien planet. The overly-popular cropped sweatshirts bring it back to earth, and I kind of like them as well. The whole thing makes me want to watch Mars Attacks! actually.


Written by Kasi

September 26, 2009 at 18:51

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